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Packed Ice, Inc. is a Direct Distributor of our proprietary Packed Ice sports supplements. We supply to nutrition retailers, health clubs, online retail stores, specialty retailers and beach snack shops.

Our Mission Statement
To introduce unique, high quality protein products, that will infuse fun and inspiration into the diets of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and people participating in a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision
Our purpose is to be unique in the industry and successful on a dominant scale.
We are exciting, fun and a constant source of enlightenment. We are driven to succeed by providing customer service that goes above and beyond. All individuals that represent Packed Ice, Inc. radiate with integrity, inspiration, goodness and encouragement.
They are empowered to be great; they empower others to be great.
Packed Ice, Inc. is a company defined by the foundations and beliefs of winners.
We thrive in competition and push through adversity. We are what we have chosen to become, and we have chosen to be Champions.

Message from our founder
Being a very active and fitness minded person, I am constantly aware of my nutritional needs. I also workout five days a week and participate in many summer beach activities. While at the beach, often I have found that there is never a good source of high quality protein, at least nothing that would allow me to maintain my diet and enjoy being out in the sun.
In 1999 I started pursuing the creation of Packed Ice, The Ultimate Frozen Protein Bar.
This was to be a functional food product, one that was more exciting than your standard dry protein bar. This product could be enjoyed anywhere and anytime you desire a refreshing cool protein-energy boost. To my surprise I found through much R and D that this was indeed a very challenging product to produce. After years of tedious efforts we have created what we feel is and will be the best frozen "genuine" protein supplement on the market. Having met the product goal, I wanted to do more...I wanted to inspire.
"You will become... so we encourage you to be a Champion"
When these words came to me, I knew they were going to be the spiritual and philosophical spine of our vision here at Packed Ice, Inc.
It is inevitable; we are all something and will become something else. What we choose to become will ultimately depend on our attitude. Success in your business, life, spirit, and body will be up to your mental fitness. We at Packed Ice, Inc. are inspired, we are committed, we are strong and destined for greatness! For all athletes and fitness minded individuals, we encourage you to be Champions because life is too short to be anything less.

Thank you for your support, and we are proud to be a part of your journey to become...


Alfonso E. Hammond

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